Don't believe everything we say? We know it can be difficult to find an honest, reliable computer technician for your small business, so don't take our word for it! Listen to what our clients have to say:

ClickRight has been servicing my computers for 2-3 years now and ever since I found them I have had no trouble with my laptop.  They are professional and good at what they do.  I moved to Vancouver and I still bring my computer to them.  I recommend them to anyone who asks me if I know any good computer repair stores.

Thanks ClickRight

Nick Leung
Vancouver, BC
When I was in Panama, I dumped a cafe mocha in my laptop. Originally, I thought it was toast, but I paid someone there to determine what needed to be fixed, but the part was not available in Panama. When I got back to Canada, I contacted a number of places about repairing the laptop, but had difficulty finding someone who could find the part and would not scam me for stuff I did not need.

You guys not only checked my computer out for free (to confirm what needed to be replaced), but you found the part, and did not over-charge or try to scam me for parts I did not need to replace. Thanks for your great service and honesty!

Gena London
Port Moody, BC
I have found ClickRight to be very informative, reliable and prompt when dealing with any issues I have had. They have been very knowledgeable, and always take the time to explain what they are doing and why. I would highly recommend ClickRight to anyone and they were actually recommended to myself from a neighbour. They are also well priced and fair.

Helen Pearson
Coronation Kids Care (Coquitlam, BC)
ClickRight has always given me awesome service.  Ready to answer any questions quickly and efficiently.  When my laptop packed it in they tried to recover my data and figure out what was wrong.  When they couldn't recover my data I was not charged.  I purchased my new laptop from them at a very competitive price and have been very satisfied with their service.  I have recommended them to all that I know.

Linda Sharpe
Coquitlam, BC
Very friendly and helpful service and follow-up. I shopped around and ClickRight had the best price.  Easy access from St. John's Street.  I will return with my future IT needs.

Elizabeth Tippe
Coquitlam, BC
I found ClickRight to be completely thorough and professional in their work and business with me. They were able to revive and resuscitate my old, flagging, laptop into a fast operating, trouble free unit again.

Guy Gadbios
Port Moody, BC
I've always received prompt and courteous service from ClickRight.  I remember the first time I called several years ago and Ben himself showed up at my door and fixed my dead computer on the spot!  I've been a loyal customer ever since! I highly recommend Click-Right!

Maria Elkington
Coquitlam, BC
Anyone requiring exceptional professional help with laptop or desktop computer problems should use ClickRight Computer Solutions. I have used ClickRight Computer Solutions several times and their work has always exceeded my expectations. ClickRight do what they say they will do on time and they are reasonably priced, Highly recommended.

Cordell Pennington
Coquitlam, BC
I was shopping around for a replacement battery for my HP laptop as I like to take one with me when travelling. I checked on line for the price and ClickRight had the best price for the battery. I ordered it and I had it within days & the battery has been working great.

John Ryan
Coquitlam, BC
Highly recommend ClickRight to have your computer serviced with this company, and have recommended them to friends and family. Ben is totally trustworthy and helpful. Would not go anywhere else.

Angela Collis
Port Coquitlam, BC
I find it very comforting to have the expertise of Ben and ClickRight near at hand. They have responded to several emergencies that I have had quickly and expertly. I am also pleased that they are selecting computers, etc., that I can buy with the assurance that they are top of the line.

Colin Godwin
Coquitlam, BC
Thanks for the prompt service in helping me and my partners with our various computer problems over the past few years. It was great that you can come to our home offices and that you were able to solve our problems quickly and inexpensively.

I would certainly recommend you to other small businesses.

Murray Morrison
Multi-Line Claims Services (Coquitlam, BC)
ClickRight has always been able to fix my computer problems during on-site repair calls! And very promptly too, which is important for my video business.

Chuck Dennison
Denison Video Productions (Coquitlam, BC)
I am now living on Vancouver Island and I miss Port Moody a lot. I wish that there was someone like yourself here but unfortunately there is not. Your service and advice where top notch and if I was still living in your area, I would use your services again and again and again. Computers don't like me and for some strange reason, they like you!

Eric Kuebler
Nanaimo, BC
Hi Ben, we just wanted to thank you for the great service again this year.  Your prompt attention to our needs, whether over the phone or in person, is always appreciated.

Danny Upsdell
In House Video Productions
Ben and his team are fantastic!  Anytime I need help with my laptop, from setting up a new system to tuning up an existing one, they have taken care of things in a professional and efficient manner.  If I have a question or need advice on something computer related - they always oblige.  Ben even guarantees his work and stands behind that guarantee as I can attest to.  I have used both the in home service as well as the drop off service - wonderful!
I have referred other grateful people there as well and do not hesitate to recommend them highly!

Sherry Nantais
Port Moody, BC
I was extremely impressed with the professional manner of ClickRight and the immediacy of their response to my computer challenges.  They offered same day service and when possible, tended to the problems within the office.  When having to take my computer off-site for repairs, they contacted me to apprise me of the concerns and potential charges, which were exact.  I am very pleased with ClickRight and look forward to a lengthy "techy" relationship with them.

Debra Smith
Step-by-Step Child Development Society (Coqutilam, BC)
I have been very happy with the service I have received from ClickRight Computer Solutions.  I now take all of my computers to them for maintenance, repair, and software purchases.  I was most impressed when I brought in one of my computers that required a special cable to connect to the monitor.  I had forgotten to bring in the cable, but rather than sending me back to work to get it they purchased one for themselves so their customers wouldn't have to remember this item for servicing.  Not only did the service get done, but it was still on time despite their having to order something special.  Thanks ClickRight!

Martin Anderson
Port Moody, BC
You were instrumental in resolving my daughter's computer issue. We were sold a computer and had nothing but problems. Then there was the virus. You were able to quickly come in and resolve the problem. Once you were done it worked better than ever! Thank you.

Sandra Wideen
Port Moody, BC
I don't speak "computer" and when my hard drive melted ... you came and picked up my computer, fixed it and increased my memory, and brought it back and then hooked it up again!  That's what I call service with a smile.  You also were able to explain things to me without making me feel completely inept.  That is very much appreciated.  That would be why I have always mentioned your name when someone is looking for "a computer guy"!  You rock - thanks for all the help.

Susan Anderson
Port Moody, BC
I highly recommend ClickRight. Used to be when I had issues with the computer I would try and trouble shoot it myself as I had heard horror stories of the cost to call in a repair person. One day, at last resort, I called in ClickRight to help when I experienced a black death screen after installing an update. Not only did they revive a "dead" computer but their prices were so reasonable and service so quick that I thought they made an error with the bill. Never again will I stress over computer issues, if I can't solve it quickly, it's off to ClickRight we go for prompt, first class service! Many thanks to all on the ClickRight team!

Corinne Robson
Belcarra, BC