As a small business owner, you understand how important backups are and how much time and money they can save in the event of a local data loss. We also understand that for many small businesses, a standard backup solution may not be quite enough. Sure, their data is protected with a backup, but in today’s age of instant gratification, your business could be losing money every second it’s not online. For this reason, many small businesses are now choosing ClickRight business continuity solutions to protect their critical servers and data in the cloud.

Odds are your business will experience a server failure, power outage, or even a natural disaster that takes down your IT system. Is your data backed up? If so, can it be restored in a timely manner? Can you operate during restoration? How would you operate without your data?

According to IDC, at least 15 percent of small to medium-sized businesses are doing absolutely no data backup. Is that you? Or, perhaps you’re one of the 60% that is only backing up on a local, onsite storage device.  If that’s true, should your local device be destroyed, your data will be lost forever.

We’re happy to offer the first-ever backup and disaster recovery solution designed specifically for small business. It has the power of an enterprise solution, yet it’s robust, affordable, and super easy-to-use–and it can fit in the palm of your hand!

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How can we Help Your Small Business Backup & Protect Your Data?

Small Business Continuity FAQ

Q: Would my business benefit more from a business continuity solution or a backup and disaster recovery plan?

A: While the two may sound similar, the answer to which one your small business will need will depend on your RTO (recovery time objective) If your small business server went down, could you be without it for a few hours, days, or weeks? If so, your small business can make it by with a backup and disaster recovery plan. If you need a faster recovery time objective– a few minutes or hours, then a business continuity plan would be better suited for your business.

Q: What does business continuity mean?

A: It means that your business should suffer little to no downtime, even in the event of a natural or technical disaster. It’s much more in depth than a disaster recovery plan, which usually only encompasses the saving of your data alone, and not necessarily the ability to retrieve it in a timely manner afterwards.

Think of it this way–If you have your spare drives with your data or server located in a secure facility, will you or your staff be able to retrieve them in the event of an emergency so you can access them at a secondary site? In the Case of hurricane Katrina, and Sandy hook, this was often the case. In the case of Sandy Hook, we watched our business continuity partners bring many otherwise down businesses back to life.

Worried about Canadian laws or more importantly, just where your data is stored? We can strictly backup your data to Canada only at the secure data center in Toronto Ontario, conveniently on the opposite side of Canada. Or we can replicate it to both Canada and the USA if you want even more peace of mind.