Renew Your Computer with a Hard Drive Upgrade

Have a computer that’s running a little (or extremely) slowly? Here’s a common scenario: Your computer seems to get slower by the day. You have tried deleting old programs and files, clearing old emails, the recycle bin, etc. Maybe you’ve even had your computer checked over, tuned up, and maintained by a technician but it still not quite as fast as you remember it? We understand that you may be frustrated and consider replacing your computer but don’t want to lose your software due to software licensing, customization, etc. Don’t worry, we have the solution for a faster (and longer lasting) computer for you!

A slow computer can be a sign of many things, however, there is a common cause of computer slowness that may not have crossed your mind: your hard drive. Many people believe that the CPU (or processor) is the be be-all and end-all of your computer’s performance, and while that’s true to some extent, your hard drive also plays a major role in the performance of your computer. You see, while your CPU processes information, it’s often receiving the information to processes from the hard drive. What this means is: if the hard drive in your computer is slow (or worse, failing!) your entire computer will be slow.

Here’s the lowdown computer manufacturers don’t want you to know. Most new desktop computers come with a 7200RPM or even slower 5400RPM hard drives with a 1-year warranty. Most laptops come with a 5400RPM hard drive, with 7200RPM drives available for higher performance models--again with a 1-year warranty. What’s more? We regularly see most of these drives fail within just over a year to 2 years-- (PS. the most common symptom is a slow computer!) We even see brand new computers with “power saving” hard drives that run slower than molasses and tend to fail quickly. Their solution: buy a new computer.

Here’s our solution: First, We physically clean your computer and go through a thorough check over of your computer’s components, ensuring that all is working well and that a hard drive upgrade will benefit you. Then, we work our magic, installing a fast 7200RPM hard drive with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty* to ensure maximum performance and reliability of your computer. We transfer over all your files, programs, settings, etc. over to the new hard drive and then go through one of our tune-ups to ensure everything is in tip-top shape and 100%

Recommended replacement time.

In order to get the most value out of your computer, we recommend you follow this schedule to replace your hard drive:

  • PCs (Consumer class - HP/Compaq/Gateway/Acer) 1-2 Years
  • PCs (Business Class - Lenovo/HP Probook/Elitebook) 2-3 Years
  • Macs (Yes, you are not immune!): 2-3 Years


  • PCs From: $319
  • Mac From $369


*Whenever available and compatible. Slower drives available upon request for minor cost savings.