Laptop won’t charge? Laptop cord frayed? Need a spare charger for your trip? We carry a wide range of high quality laptop chargers (Also known as AC power adapters) as well as high quality laptop batteries. We will happily assist you in finding the right charger & value for your small business needs!

Laptop chargers have a finite life span because they are constantly subject to “abuse”: plugging inun-plugging, and even just moving the cord– things you can’t control even if you’re being careful. That’s not to count the electrical spikes and surges that the charger will experience if not plugged into a UPS or surge protector.

The good news is, we can replace your laptop’s charger without needing to purchase an expensive replacement from your laptop’s manufacturer. And, it’ll be guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of your original charger! Here are some common laptop chargers we carry:

  • HP  DV6 / G60 / G62 High Quality:$38.69 | Super High Quality: $48.97 (2 Year warranty)
  • Dell PA-12 65W  High Quality: $44.90 | Super High Quality: $81 (2 Year warranty)
  • Dell PA-10 90W High Quality: $44.90 | Super High Quality: $81 (2 Year warranty)
  • Toshiba 75W High Quality: $38.96 | Super High Quality: $48.75 (2 Year warranty)

*Prices may vary, please call for details.

Quality Matters – And our Quality means Your Safety

Forget “cheap”, hazardous replacement adapters that could put your life at risk! Our high quality laptop chargers are guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of your original charger and utilize extensive safety features such as:

  • Internal safety features which protect your notebook from electrical hazards
  • Over voltage limiting
  • Short circuit shutdown
  • Over temperature shut down, and more.

Order Your Laptop Charger Today!

Laptop Charger Coquitlam

Call us at 778-355-8000 to order your laptop charger today! All of our laptop chargers have a 1 or 2 year warranty and a 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteedirectly through us, no mailing & waiting on replacements going to USA or China!

Please have your laptop charger’s model number (from the charger itself) and the full model of your laptop (from the under side of the laptop) ready.

PS. If you’re shopping solely based on price, please concern yourself with the dangers of cheap laptop chargers. Our chargers

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