We carry a wide range of high quality laptop batteries and laptop chargers. We can help you find the right battery for your laptop to ensure you get the battery lifespan and recharge cycles you require! With our high quality laptop batteries, you can increase your laptop’s run time without breaking the bank! Our high quality value added laptop batteries are sure to please both you and your laptop.

Battery quality is important! We use batteries with ONLY high quality grade A cells–our laptop batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of your original battery so that you get the longest lifespan and the most recharge cycles. Call us today and give your laptop the power it needs and the value you deserve: 778-355-8000

We have high quality laptop batteries available for almost every laptop, including:

  • Dell laptop batteries for Vostro, XPS, Inspiron, Latitude, Alienware, and more!
  • HP laptop batteries for DV2000 series, HP DV6000 series, HP DV4,5,6,7 & more from just $59
  • Apple MacBook & MacBook Pro batteries, iBook Batteries, MacBook Chargers and more from $79
  • IBM/Lenovo laptop batteries for IdeaPad, ThinkPads, and more!
  • Toshiba laptop batteries including: Qosimo, Satellite, Protege, Tecra, libretto, and more!
  • Sony laptop batteries for Sony VAIO EC series, F series, X series, SB series, and more!
  • Acer laptop batteries for Aspire, Aspire One, TravelMate, TimelineX, Ethos, and more!
  • Panasonic laptop batteries for ToughBook, etc.
  • Asus laptop batteries for B43 series, B53 series, G51 series, G53 series, G60 series, and more!
  • Gateway laptop batteries for E series, EC series, ID series, M series, and more!
  • Fujitsu laptop batteries for Lifebook AH series, Lifebook LH Series, Lifebook NH series, and more!

All batteries have a 30-Day money back guarantee and 1 year direct replacement guarantee. A 2-Year warranty available for many batteries, including special laptop batteries that:

  • Handles 800+ recharge cycles
  • Enhanced thermal management battery system (-20 to +60°C)
  • 2+ years of sustained performance
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership

Our laptop batteries are 100% OEM compatible and contain high quality cells with advanced safety & protection features! We stand behind our products 100%. Please Beware of cheap, hazardous, low quality  knockoff laptop batteries that have been known to cause problems or even catch fire.

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Please note: In order to ensure we have the correct battery for you, kindly provide us with  two pieces of information:

  1. The full model of your laptop. This number can be found on the bottom of your laptop. Please turn your laptop off and place laptop down screen on a clean, flat surface. look for a label with a model number. You may need to remove the the battery to find the model.
  2. If possible: Your battery’s model number. This number can be found on a label on the battery pack itself.

Order Your Laptop Battery Today!

Call at 778-355-8000 today and supercharge your laptop with a high quality laptop battery.

We stand behind our products! Our laptop batteries are covered by a 1 Year Guarantee (or more!) through us– If you have any problems with your laptop battery we will take care of you! No shipping boxes to China or the USA! We source quality locally and have less than 1% failure rate of our laptop batteries!

Laptop Battery FAQ

Q: Why are some laptop batteries so cheap?

A: The old adage is true, you definitely get what you pay for with batteries! Cheap batteries often lack the proper protective circuitry required to protect your safety in the case of lithium batteries, or they may use cheap cells in the construction of the battery. We use high quality cells and guarantee the quality of all of our batteries with a full one year guarantee!

Q: Why are some laptop batteries so expensive?

A: Higher quality cells and protective circuitry used in the manufacturing process often account for much of the expense. Some batteries for specific manufacturers may be discontinued or price kept high by the manufacturer to motivate customers to replace their laptops. We specialize in providing our clients with high-quality, reliable batteries with grade A cells at reasonable prices.

Q: How do I care for my laptop battery?”

A: Follow these steps on a regular basis to maintain your laptop battery:

Don’t always leave your laptop plugged in–regularly unplug your laptop from the wall and allow the battery to drain for a few hours, even if you’re not moving it. Then, once a month, allow your laptop run on battery power until it goes to sleep. Leave it sleep for 6 hours (no more) then charge your laptop again. This will help keep the cells active in the battery, and prevent premature wear and tear.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to my laptop battery initially?

A: In most cases, no. However, new batteries won’t reach their full capacity until they have gone through 3 or 4 complete charge/discharge cycles. If you wish to expedite this process, you can follow the steps above under the question “How do I care for my laptop battery,” above.

Q: How do I prevent premature battery wear?

A: You can prevent premature battery wear by not always leaving your laptop plugged in. Once a month, follow the instructions under “How do I care for my laptop battery,” above. Don’t allow your battery to go uncharged for more than 12 hours, as it can cause permanent cell damage to your battery.

Our Laptop Battery Guarantee:

Our laptop batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of your OEM (original) battery. If there are any problems with your battery, please contact us right away. Our batteries have a 1-year guarantee from the date of purchase and a 30-day money back guarantee if the product is defective or does not work with your laptop. Some batteries are available with a 2 and 3-year guarantee, ask us for details.