We are specialists in data recovery and lost file retrieval. We can recover files that have been lost or damaged by logical (software) issues such as: viruses, accidental formatting or deletion, file corruption, and from drives that have been physically damaged or failed due to drops, spills, heat, and other damages.

We utilize professional, first class data recovery equipment and can diagnose and recover from all logical and most physical damaged drives right in our office! For more difficult drives where cleanroom operation is necessary, our local data recovery specialists  utilize a local class-100 clean room lab specialized for data recovery and computer forensics. (There’s no need to send your drive off the the US, China, or even Toronto!)

If you have suffered a data loss, call us for affordable data recovery today: 778-355-8000. We can pick up your computer or damaged storage media from your Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, or Port moody home or office, or we have a local data recovery drop-off facility right here in Port Moody. We provide data recovery service to both residential and business clients.

By utilizing up-to-date, innovative data recovery technologies we can recover your data from all types of media, including: hard drives, USB thumb drives, memory cards such as Compact Flash, Secure Digital, XD, MMC, and more!

Why Choose us for your Data Recovery?

  • Free Evaluation – We will diagnose your hard drive and provide you with a free quote.
  • Local – Your data stays within your reach.
  • No Data, No Charge policy – If we don’t recover your data, you don’t pay!
  • Affordable. Recoveries start at only $400. Average: $600
  • High success rate 
  • Fast turnaround time

Coquitlam Data Recovery FAQ

Q: What should I do if I accidentally Delete a file?

A: If you accidentally delete a file, the first thing you want to do it stop using your computer, turn it off, and call a data recovery specialist. Explain the circumstances of the loss, what kind of file it is, the last time you accessed the file.

Q: How much will recovering my data cost?

A: The cost to recover your lost data will depend on the severity of the loss, and whether or not there are any internal problems with your storage device. When the damage is logical (due to accidental deletion, virus infection, corrupt system partition, etc.) recoveries start at $350. When more severe issues exist or there is physical damage, you can expect to pay upwards of $800 as more specialized tools and parts and required.

We will always diagnose your drive and quote you before the recovery begins so you will know exactly what to expect!

Q: If my hard drive has been formatted can you still recover the data?

A: Yes. Recovery of data is more likely if no new data has been written to the disk after formatting it, so be certain to turn off your computer right away.

Q: I need my data now! Do you offer a rush data recovery service?

A: Yes. Don’t let data loss bring your business to a halt–There is often a faster way to get back to business as usual.

We offer a both a rush and super rush data recovery service to help you get back up and running in as little time as possible!

  • Rush service is available for an additional 50% of the recovery price and recovery will take 2-4 business days on average.
  • Super Rush service is available for an additional 100% of the recovery price and will take 1-3 business days on average.

If you’re in a panic and need your data recovered now, call us at 778-355-8000– we will assign a technician to your case and begin recovering your data right away!

Q: Do you offer on-site data recovery service in Coquitlam?

A: Depending on the circumstances, on-site data recovery may be possible. However, if there is any physical damage to the media, picking it up would be the best way to preserve your data.

ClickRight Computer Solutions provides data recovery and computer repair services to home offices & small business clients in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.

We specialize in providing pro-active, fast, reliable services. Call us today with all your computer or data recovery needs: 778-355-8000 or send us a message online.