Computer Tune-Ups

At ClickRight, we understand that you don't have time to wait for your computer to do things--your small business relies on your computer being fast and reliable so that your day goes smoothly. A tune-up will improve the speed of your computer new or old, plus it will improve your computer's longevity and your productivity as well!

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Silver Tune-Up

Give your computer a boost! We’ll clean & inspect your computer, remove junk programs and files, update critical system software and programs, disable unnecessary start-up programs, update drivers and more! We will also optimize your computer’s settings, and remove unnecessary programs and files.



  • Full system cleaningcheck-over & testing to ensure & improve your computer’s health & longevity
  • Ensure enough memory (RAM) is installed for optimum performance & make recommendations for speed improvements.
  • Disable unnecessary start-up programs.
  • Update system software, improving performance, reliability, and security.
  • Remove junk programs wasting space & valuable resources.
  • Remove useless junk files wasting space.
  • Clean the Windows registry.
  • Remove temporary system, internet, and program files.
  • Clean out dust to increase your computers longevity (dust kills electronics!)
  • Update programs to improve performance, reliability, and security.
  • Update system drivers to improve performance
  • Remove unnecessary programs & toolbars.
  • Optimize computer settings tofurther improve performance.

In-Shop: $149  On-site: $249

Gold Tune-Up

Make your computer run like new! Once we’ve fully cleaned, inspected, updated, and optimized your computer it will be running faster than you thought possible! Our Gold computer tune-up combines everything in our Bronze and Silver tune-ups, plus additional optimizations, cleaning, and updating. We even scan and remove minor spyware and malware, and install basic spyware prevention software.


  • Everything in our Silver tune-up, plus:
  • Advanced optimizations to get every last bit of speed out of your computer.
  • Scan and remove minor spyware and malware
  • Install spyware prevention software.
  • Further optimization and updating of your system's software and applications.
  • Optimize Windows services
  • Improve security with system security check

In-Shop: $249  On-site: $349

Even if your computer is shutting down randomly, crashing, or just being a general nuisance, it may just need a tune-up--no hardware required!

Call us at 778-355-8000 or contact us online today and we’ll get your computer running better & faster than you ever thought possible.