ClickRight Sync – Sharing and Synchronization Made Secure & Easy!

Dropbox? Sugarsync? OneDrive? Google Drive? No.

This is ClickRight Sync--A Dropbox-like solution with better security and more features for your small business!

Have you ever tried to send a large file to a client over email, or share files between colleagues with a flash drive or other removable device and thought to yourself "there just HAS to be a better way to do this!"

Great news, there is-- ClickRight Sync is a cloud platform that will help your business ease into the cloud to improve your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line!

Other cloud products -- Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and SugarSync were built to share insensitive documents, and some of those documents aren't securely transferring across devices. ClickRight Sync has the highest level of security for any cloud platform, ensuring that your sensitive documents (contracts, designs, client history) are safe from hacking and breaches. Please note: some consumer products, like Google Drive do not encrypt your data at all and don't offer proper security.

Here are some of the security and accessibility features of ClickRight Sync.


  • 256-Bit AES encryption, on device and in-transit.
  • Encryption key management
  • Remote wipes of desktops and devices
  • File revisions, deleted file retention
  • Granular user-access and security controls


  • Universal file access: sync across stationary and mobile devices
    • Supports: Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android!
  • Managed file sharing for internal/external parties
  • Continuous, real-time backup (multiple folders)
  • File Server Enablement: cloud enable your file server for remote access outside the office.
  • Separate backup functionality for files you don't want to share.

We have clients in the retail, consulting, accounting, medical and dental industries utilizing the cloud to easily share files with colleagues and suppliers, send large files with ease without using email, and synchronize files between all their devices. Join them today and find out how being more productive can make you more money.

Value-base pricing allows you to join the cloud with no expensive hardware or software!

Single-User Multi-User Custom solution

For the one-man show

  • 1TB storage
  • Sync files up to 1GB
  • Automatic version history
  • Unlimited Guest Accounts

$30 /month

For businesses with staff of 2-5

  • 1TB  storage per user
  • Sync files up to 2GB
  • Automatic version history
  • Team Shares
  • Custom Branding (Your own logo!)
  • Unlimited Guest Accounts

$25 /user /month

Special Requirements? We can make a custom solution just for you!

  • Custom Branding (your own logo)
  • Additional storage
  • CDP Backup capability

Call us today: 778-355-8000

Each user can use an unlimited number of devices--For example, add a desktop, cell phone, and laptop at no additional charge!

Start your FREE 30-Day trial today and experience easy sharing!

To learn more about how ClickRight Sync can help your small business, call us at 778-355-8000