Computer Backup Solutions

No matter how you use your computer, your data is important. In fact, we're certain you could argue that it's critically important to your success. Being in the repair field, we can say with 100% certainty that data loss can happen at any time. Unfortunately, we can't predict when.

Whether it's accidentally deleting a file, a disgruntled employee, malware attack, or failed hard drive, having an up-to-date backup of your data can save your bacon. That's why backups are so important!

Never worry about losing an important document or file again with our backup system! We will backup your critical files automatically, each and every day to our secure datacentre in Canada, to ensure you never skip a beat.


Backup Services

Unlimited Document Backup

$9 /mo
Save 10% Yearly!
$97.20 /yr

Backup all your Microsoft Office and OpenOffice Documents

Automatic Daily Backup

Unlimited File Size

Backup in-use files

28 days worth of previous document versions

Canadian storage

Small File Backup

$8 - 20 /mo
Save 10% Yearly!
$87 - 216 /yr

Backup 5-20GB of your files

Automatic Daily Backup

Backup in-use files

Secure, encrypted backups

Compressed storage for speed and cost savings

Canadian Storage

Large File Backup

$30 /mo - Up to 150GB

$60 /mo - Up to 300GB
Save 10% Yearly!
from $324 /yr

All features of Silver, plus:

Backup your entire computer

Backup Mac OS X

Free local backup storage (optional)

Server Backup

$89 /mo
Save 10% Yearly!
$962 /yr

All features of Gold, plus:

Backup your NAS (Network drive)

Backup your entire computer or server, including data and programs!

Standby image backup

Let us take the hassle of backups out of your hands and help you prevent data loss while reducing your stress and backup costs. We'll check your backup every day—now that’s value!

Backups need not be complicated OR expensive, call us today and protect your data: 778-355-8000

Where do I Start?

Call us at 778-355-8000 or send us a message today and we can discuss your backup needs and devise a backup solution that's best for you.