Computer manufacturers have been differentiating their personal and business computers since they began manufacturing them. Have you ever wondered why some computers last longer than others or why one model is more expensive than another? It usually comes down to it’s designed purpose.

Business class computers are made to last
Business users travel with their laptops, subjecting them to shock and temperature changes, and put their computers through a more rigorous workload whereas home users do not. Business machines are much more likely to take the abuse and have a longer lifespan by design to accommodate.

Better Features and more of them
Business laptops often offer better features such as more ports for enhanced expand-ability, multiple pointing options and a more responsive keyboard. Lenovo, for example has the de facto most tactile and responsive laptop keyboard. Often you will also find better backwards compatibility with older devices.

Display Technology
Often business computers will offer a matte display for less glare and better vising angles (except touch devices, where glossy is norm.) VGA outputs are standard, as are DisplayPort and sometimes HDMI video outputs, allowing for connection to a larger number of displays or projectors.

Longer Lifespan, better serviceability
Businesses need their computers to last, and computers built specifically for that cater to that. Typical business lifespan of a computer is 3-5 years, lasting up to five times longer than a personal computer (which typically lasts for just 1-3 years) They’re also more serviceable, with parts available longer.





Example Products

Warranty Coverage

Average time before problem (with yearly maintenance)

Average time before problem (without yearly maintenance)

Business Computers

Parts are of higher quality and tested more rigorously. 

Computers are designed for all day use.

Better handling of shock and temperature changes.

Matte display makes for better viewing angles

VGA Output

Support for older operating systems and devices

Continued support from manufacturer

Lenovo ThinkPad

Dell Latitude

HP EliteBook

Toshiba Tecra

Length: Usually 3-year return-to-depot. Extendable

Downtime: 1-3 days is typical.

4-7 years (laptops)

4-8 years (desktops)

2-3 years (laptops)

3-5 years (desktops)

Personal Computers

Parts are more generic and cheap.

Computers are made to be used for a few hours each day.

Not well suited for shock and temperature changes.

Glossy display makes for worse viewing angles

Supports only the latest operating system

Minimal support and updates after warranty expiration

HP Pavilion, TouchSmart, Envy

Sony (all)

Asus (all)

LG (all)

Samsung (all)

Toshiba (some)

Length: Usually 1-year mail-in. Not extendable

Downtime: 1-3 weeks is typical.

1.5-3 years (laptops)

1.5-4 years (desktops)

1-2 years (laptops)

1.5-3 years (desktops)

What’s the verdict?

If you need a reliable computer to run your small business, a computer designed for business is definitely the way to go. With the additional reliability, extended lifecycle, longer warranty, and better support, it’s a no-brainier to look at the big picture spend a little extra up front to save you time and money down the road. Oftentimes, the difference is so negligible, you’ll wonder why you ever looked at a consumer computer in the first place.

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