Computer Repairs in Coquitlam

We take the SH out of IT!

Annual Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance is an annual service that is designed to keep your computer running fast, lasting up to twice as long, and improve your security.

Each annual maintenance service includes:

  1. Remote annual health check and software maintenance, updates & security check.
  2. Physical health check & cleaning at your front door OR in your home/office with a service call (Additional $100). With the service call option we will clean your computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse as well as answer any questions you may have about your computer, etc.

Annual Computer Maintenance Benefits

Increase Your Security

Maintenance includes a security check-over as well as updates to your system hardware and software to increase your security


Regular maintenance can keep your computer lasting up to twice as long! Stop replacing your system, just maintain it.

Save Time & Money

Maintenance gives you peace of mind knowing that your computer will be up and running for years to come. 


Increase Performance

Keep your system running fast. Tune-up included with annual maintenance

Prevent Downtime

Downtime is a drag, especially when it’s unexpected. Our maintenance service detects problems before they happen!

Lower Your Stress Level

Computer maintenance provides peace of mind by preventing any serious problems, data loss, or downtime. 

* Prices stated are for annual computer maintenance where no additional issues have been encountered. Maintenance must be performed within a 12 month period to obtain the annual $100 discount. Casual maintenance = after 1 year.